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Welcome to the Scorched Earth Mercenaries (SEM) website! We are an Airsoft team that is based in Southwest Florida.


We strive to be an example on the field of both professionalism and sportsmanship alike. SEM attends events throughout the state of Florida, many of which have 100+ players. In addition, SEM is an official Florida Airsoft team with the designation FA-14.


Check out our community Forums! You can find a lot of valuable information there and have a chance to talk with us.


Again, welcome, and we hope to see you on the field!





Sunday was supposed to rain, but instead it was great weather for a skirmish. We've been having some awesome days, and getting better with each skirmish. Jackie took some great photos throughout the day, and those can be seen in the Sunday Skirmishes Gallery (HERE), so go check them out!


This coming Saturday, we'll be having a night game during the full moon. Night games are always adrenaline-pumping no matter who you are! Check the forums for details- we have REQUIREMENTS if you're thinking about attending one of our night games.


Check out the Barracks for info on our newest Recruits!



First and foremost, congratulations to DJ, Comatose, Buddy, Babe, Bos, and White on their new status as SEM Recruits! They have started their journey toward becoming official SEM Team Members!


We were able to get some good footage this past Sunday. Let us know what you think of it, and share the video around with your friends:


Today we're going to see Act of Valor, the new Navy Seals movie that opens today. It's good to get the guys together outside of the airsoft field.


Lastly, we have set March 10. 2012 as the date for the next SEM night game. Check out the forums for details regarding the game.



Today was one of the best skirmishes we'd had in a while. All the players who came to play today did an awesome job working in fire teams and communicating. We used a old part of the woods field in a new way with great success, and we had a ton of fast and intense fire fights.


We sure have a lot to look forward to in the future!


The footage today turned out pretty good too, so keep checking or subscribe to our YouTube to get notified when it's posted online. Some screen captures are already uploaded in the "Sunday Skirmishes" gallery, go check them out!



Operation: Atlantic Assault was a great success! The facility was awesome and GhostBrother and Blade had a good time meeting and fighting alongside our many South Florida allies.


Better yet, we brought the ContourHD with us and got a ton of footage! You can check it out on our YouTube. Watch the videos, pass them on to friends, and let us know what you think!



Hey there fellow airsofters! So far we've had a great start to the new year. We held a night game, met some new players, traveled to some new fields, and will be attending Op: Atlantic Assault this coming weekend in Ft. Pierce, FL at the Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex.


This past weekend, GhostBrother and Blade traveled up to Tampa and New Port Richie, FL to meet up with Spectre VI, a new MilSim team in West Florida. SEM will be running with them this weekend at the operation.


With much thanks to Check Mate, SEM is now able to film with a ContourHD action camera. This won't only be for our benefit, since we're going to be posting them on our YouTube (, and hopefully reaching out to new players! In fact, GhostBrother brought it with him this past weekend to film, and there are a few new videos already on the Youtube, so go check them out!


We're looking forward to attending Op: Atlantic Assault, and we'll definitely have an AAR for all of you following the operation.



Well, we hope that you all are having an awesome end-of-2011, we sure did. We're ready for an all-new 2012 with skirmishes and events that will be the best yet!


We'll be starting off with a skirmish on January 1st, and since it's a new year, make sure you print off and sign 2012 Airsoft Waiver, downloadable HERE.


We hope to have you there as we start off the new year the right way- airsofting it up!



Yesterday we had our last skirmish of 2011. Everyone had a great time, and we got to advance under the Florida rain as we conducted raids- definitely a fun experience!


We'll be back on January 1st with our Sunday Skirmishes, and we're also looking to have another Night game in the next coming months, so keep an eye out.


Have a happy new year!



Today is SEM Airsoft's 5 year anniversary. Way back in 2006, GhostBrother, Dragon, Rabbit, Guido, and Reaper decided to join together as Scorched Earth Mercenaries Airsoft Team. We've come a long way, learning new things to better our team and personal skills. It has been just under 3 years that SEM was awarded the designation as Official Florida Airsoft Team FA-14 for honor, integrity, and high standards held by the team members.


For 5 years, SEM has been holding regular skirmishes and actively attending events throughout the state of Florida. We have made many new friends along our journey thusfar, and with the support of our family and friends, we intend to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in five more years!


Scorched Earth Mercenaries Airsoft Team has always been based on friendships first. I think that's part of what has sustained us through the hard times when the economy took its toll on the airsoft community. I am proud to fight alongside my brothers in arms as a Scorched Earth Mercenary!


Don't Mess With Fire!





SEM and the Naples crew had a good time at Mindgame Productions' Wasteland III this past weekend. I'm proud to say that SEM always had a presence on the field throughout the 24 hours that it ran. It was a whole new experience, having sleeping shifts and perimeter duty, and we really enjoyed it. We participated as Talon Company for our third year in a row, along with our good friends, UBCS, SCAR, and Team Ronin. We kicked butt, even clearing out a base with knives (10 players with a group of 4), which was probably the highlight of the game.


AAR will be up soon in the forums, and photos are posted in the gallery and will be updated as more are posted online. Skirmishes resume this Sunday, and we'll be out in the woods, so get your stealth on!



SEM will not be having skirmishes this week or the following week; this weekend is Halloween, so have a safe and fun weekend (remember to leave the airsoft guns at home on this holiday), and next weekend is Operation: Wasteland III !


This will be the third year that we will be attending the Mindgame Productions Fallout 3 scenario as Talon Company. If you're headed out to this 24 hr op, make sure to look us up and say hi! We're really looking forward to this game because it's been a blast for us in the past.


The woods are coming along great. The group efforts have made them skirmishable. There's still a good portion of the field that needs to be cleared, but soon it should be completed.



We just uploaded a few more photos to the Battlegrounds FL CQB album (in Skirmishes). Check them out, and don't forget, we have a skirmish coming up this Sunday. Hope to see you there!



This past weekend, SEM and friends took a trip up to the Grand Opening of BattleGrounds Florida CQB facility in Tampa, FL. The field is not only the newest, but the largest in the entire state. Our very own Moon Knight is the owner of this indoor field, and I have to say, I was impressed! Everyone had a great time, and we have some photos up in the "Skirmishes" Galleries, so check it out. It was a great experience, and we will definitely be back in the near future!


BFC also has a website, head on over to our "Links" page to check it out!


Remember, we will not be having a skirmish this coming Sunday, but we should be back on schedule the following Sunday (Sept. 25th).



Sunday was a great day of airsoft! We had people show up as "PMC's" and "Global Protection Industries" faced off against the "Advanced Defense Company" in scenarios determined by how they were "hired". Photos are in the Sunday Skirmishes gallery, check them out!



We had another great (and hot!) day of skirmishing yesterday. Pictures are up in the Sunday Skirmishes section. Next week is "PMC" week. Come in your best contractor get-up. We'll have some fun scenarios planned out for this next skirmish. Check the forums for more details!



There will be a skirmish this Sunday, July 31st. Make sure to bring something for water so you can stay hydrated. We'll also be working on tactics, so be prepared with your full loadouts.



SEM will not be holding skirmishes on 7/17 or 7/24. Check the forums after the 24th to find out when our next skirmish will be.



The SEM Field Rules have been updated and adjusted. Please read or re-read them. We will be having a skirmish this upcoming Sunday as well.



Today was a great skirmish. We even were able to finally get some photos to add to the skirmish gallery again. Make sure to check out the gallery.


We will also be having a Night Game this coming Saturday (6-18-11). This will be our 3rd ever, and first one in about 3 years. It's going to be great! Check the forums for more details.



There will be a skirmish this Sunday, May 8th, at the usual field. It's going to be hot, so bring a lot of water and make sure to prepare for the weather. Let's get back into this!



SEM will be holding a skirmish on Sunday, January 16th. Information is available in the forums. Remember that new waivers must be printed (Available HERE) and filled out for the new year. Any questions, post in the forums or contact us by e-mail.



The SEM website has been re-designed and updated. Due to computer issues, it was not able to be updated for nearly a year, but that has been fixed. Take a look around, many things are the same, but there are a few changes.